Deepen your connection with God, His Church, and your purpose in the epic story He is writing throughout human history.

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Beyond a program, seminar, or life group, Rooted is a catalyst for life-change.

Rooted inspires questions, conversations, and group experiences that are designed to help you find yourself in God’s story. No matter where you stand in your relationship with Jesus, there is always room to go deeper and get rooted.


Rooted takes place over the course of 10 weeks and each week builds on the last. This is a significant commitment. We want to be upfront about that, but anything worth doing involves a certain amount of sacrifice.

If you know you are going to miss more than 2 meetings, we ask that you wait until the next season of Rooted.


You’ll use the Rooted book to engage in various individual rhythms that help you “tune in” to God daily. Then you’ll meet with you group weekly to talk about what you’ve learned. We’ll also pray and fast, share our faith stories, and serve together. The rhythms of Rooted are:
  • Daily Devotion in Scripture
  • Prayer
  • Freedom from Strongholds
  • Sacrificial Generosity
  • Service
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Celebration

As people open up and share personal stories, feelings, and questions, the Holy Spirit moves and God reveals new truths. This is where transformation happens.


Through this experience we hope you will be emboldened to live out your calling as a radical follower of Jesus.

The word “radical” comes from the Latin root “radix,” meaning “root.” By rooting ourselves in God’s Word and His truths, we have a firm foundation upon which we live in and love the world. Throughout the 10 weeks, you’ll listen and learn from followers of Jesus around the world to gain a deeper understanding of the whole Gospel. The topics include:

  1. What is Rooted?
  2. Who is God?
  3. How Does God Speak to Us?
  4. Where is God in the Midst of Suffering?
  5. There is An Enemy
  6. How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 1
  7. How Can I Make the Most of My Life? Part 2
  8. How Does God View Money?
  9. Why and How Should I Tell Others?
  10. Why is the Church Important?