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We believe that God works through His disciples in all seasons of life, and every generation of Christ followers has stood on the shoulders of generations before them. There are so many ways for you to continue to pursue God’s calling on your life at whatever age or stage you find yourself in.

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Wednesday Walking Club

Wednesdays 9:00a
Oct-Dec 2023

Meet new friends, get into a healthy walking regimen, and learn something new about Monrovia as you enjoy the Wednesday Monrovia Walking Club (weather permitting). All ages, all stages and all physical levels are invited to check out one of these amazing walks.

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Saturday Walking Club

Saturdays 9:00a
Rose Bowl 
Oct-Dec 2023

Start your day out with a healthy walk, another opportunity to mingle, and the privilege of getting to walk around a National Historic Landmark. All ages, all stages, and all physical levels are invited to join on one of these weekend walks.

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Beginners Art Club

Mondays 10a-12p
Cost: $10 for first timers
Oct-Dec 2023

Creativity is a God-given gift that all of us possess. Expressing your creative side with other new friends in this fun beginner's acrylic painting class. Absolutely no experience is necessary. Members are encouraged to follow along (or get creative if they wish) as participants are guided through mixing colors and using basic brush strokes to create their own unique "masterpiece". New members will only need to purchase a 12-page Acrylic Painting Pad for $10 at the first session. All other supplies will be provided.

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Pickleball Club

Begins Oct 1st
Sundays 1p, Tuesdays 9a
Camino Grove School / 6th Ave Arcadia

Pickleball has been sweeping our communities and here is your chance to discover why. The sport is easy to learn, you will meet new friends, and you will develop healthy habits to improve your strength, balance and stamina. Times and locations will vary and meetups are weather permitting, so it is important to register in order to receive the weekly update.

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Family Game Night Club

Tuesdays 7p
Twice per month
Oct-Dec 2023

Surprise your children or grandchildren, neighbors and friends by learning how to play easy to learn board games and small group parlor games and begin a new tradition of family game nights.  Each session will introduce a new game for you to learn alongside others and then to pass on to your family and friends.  All ages and all stages are designed for Game Night!

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Bible Study Club

Tuesdays 10:30am
Oct-Dec 2023

Sometimes we just need another reason to dive deeper into Scripture. Here is an opportunity to connect with others and learn more about what the prophets have to teach us today. We will be doing a Bible study through the book of Habakkuk. We will discuss the Bible verses and how they apply to our daily lives. Please come join us even if you are feeling shy, there is no pressure to share. If you want to just listen and learn, you are welcome.

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