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Preacher: Becky White


09/06/15 | | Hebrews 11:13-16

For this service, Pastor Becky gives a heartfelt preaching on the importance on flowing naturally with God to where He is taking us. When something changes in our lives, we don’t tend to go with it very naturally, and often end up stalling our growth. There are things we need to stop and things we need to start, and as we look back on those moments we see God has been faithful in every situation.

Broken Pieces

08/02/15 | | Isaiah 25:1

In this week's installment of the Summer Speaker series, Pastor Becky speaks passionately about trusting God with the broken pieces of our lives. We have often have our own vision for how we want our lives to look, when suddenly something happens that makes it all come apart. If God gets those pieces he can build a picture that for all eternity will be beautiful, but he needs to be the builder.


05/10/15 | | Isaiah 41:1-7

For this Mother's Day service, Pastor Becky delivers a heartfelt message on getting courage from God. Fear can paralyze us, but it cannot touch us. We are absolutely surrounded by not only God’s love, but by God’s presence Himself.

In Him – Part 2

01/18/15 | | Ephesians 1:9-14

For the second part of the In Him series, Pastor Becky White gives a profound message about the wonders of being in a relationship with God. Often times we feel like we don't have value, but God comes to us and tells us otherwise. Not only does God have a home in our hearts, we have a home in him.