We fast to focus on God. As simple as that sounds, the reality is that our lives are full of distractions. There are some weeks when checking off our to-do list feels next to impossible, let alone trying to focus on God and what He wants for our lives. During our January fast, we intentionally put something down that has taken our attention in order to listen more intently to God’s voice.

A biblical fast is a chance to temporarily say “no” to the physical food of this world, in order to say “yes” to the spiritual food from the Holy Spirit. It’s an invitation to discover how our appetite for eating or drinking is also tied to our appetites for things in our daily lives. So in fasting we remove physical food as a way to address the unhealthy relationships we might have to social, intellectual, spiritual, or emotional “foods” as well.

There are four types of fasts.

Complete Fast
In this fast, you only drink liquids, typically water and/or light juices throughout the duration of the fast. Broth or soup may be considered as options, too.

Selective Fast
In this fast, you remove certain elements from your diet. The Daniel Fast is an example of abstaining from meat, sweets, or bread; drink water and juice, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Partial Fast
In this fast, you abstain from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon. Fast during specific times of the day, e.g. from sunup to sundown.

Soul Fast
This fast is common for anyone new to fasting food, those with health issues that prevent them from fasting food, or those wanting to refocus specific areas of life that are out of balance. Suggestions: abstain from engaging in social media, shopping, TV, etc.


  1. Pray and ask God to help you discern what type of fast He would have you engage in. It’s okay if what and how you are fasting is different from what others are fasting. We trust God to move in our lives, even if it’s not identical to how He is moving in others’.
  2. Invite somebody in your life to keep you accountable to your fast.
  3. Name what you are believing that God will do in your life during this time of fasting. We encourage you to write it down in a journal.

Family Rhythms
Every day of the fast, we’ll collectively pause at 11a to thank God for His faithfulness to us these last 11 years. This is not the only time you can pray, but together in one spirit, we’ll engage in the practice of prayer.

Every Wednesday morning at 7am we will gather at Morning Prayer on Zoom.

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