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Revel Day

September 7th, 2016
Revel Day

Revel Day

Vocal Coordinator

Revel was born and raised in the church. Coming from a strong musical family, he was exposed to worship early and often. Leading worship for the first time at age 12, his life has been a torrid love affair with God, specifically through the vehicle of worship. This vehicle has also led to many opportunities in the music and entertainment industry. Whether its singing, dancing, or acting, he’s been to blessed tour with many popular artists and make multiple television appearances.

Finding Fellowship back in 2015, he found the home that he’d unknowingly been searching for. He quickly joined the staff, and has enjoyed doing life in circles with the Fellowship family ever since. When he isn’t singing, he can be spotted with his Captain America backpack, gaming, and just “nerding out.” As an artist, and armed with a BA in Sacred Music, Revel brings his expertise and heart to the Fellowship Worship Department.