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Women Are

Society has a lot of things to say about what women are, many of which are hurtful and disappointing. At Fellowship, we believe that God has spoken a different narrative to women, and what He says is far more beautiful than what the world says!

Each quarter, we reclaim what God has spoken over women by “filling in the blank” at the end of Women Are _____. Our God says that Women Are Brave, that Women Are Beautiful, that Women Are Healers, that Women Are Called, and more. We will walk in the peace of knowing that our good, good Father is for us!

At every Women Are event, you can expect to enjoy some light snacks, to receive a decorative card that was designed in-house, to laugh and learn amongst awesome women, and most importantly, to praise our loving God in a multi-ethnic, intergenerational community that seeks His love.

Who will you invite to the next Women Are?