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Volunteer Family – We Value Your Input!

July 26th, 2018

Hey Fellowship Volunteer Family!

In about 6 months, we will be launching a brand new campus and relaunching our other campuses so that each can become an outpost of the Gospel. We’re about to grow and expand in big ways!

Between now and January as we prepare and plan for multiplication, we need your advice, perspective, and input. YOU are our strategy to accomplish this vision!

What does this mean?

Practice – As team leaders, YOU have the ability to see challenges, offer possible solutions, and help determine who needs to be involved.

Probe – We want to equip you with three questions to begin asking yourselves and your volunteers over the next few weeks by August 17:

  1. At a team level, what are 2 to 3 things that our ministry is really good at?
  2. At a team level, what is confusing/clunky about our ministry?
  3. At a team level, what do you think is stopping us from multiplying?

Present – As team leaders, we want to bring you together on August 25 9:00 AM-12:00 PM to present what you have learned, any recommendations, and possible decisions so that together we know what to go after as we plan for launching a new campus and relaunching our other campuses.

Please RSVP for August 25 below:

Let’s get ready!