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A Thanksgiving Message From Pastor Albert Tate

November 21st, 2018

Hey Fellowship Family!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are enjoying family, friends, and hopefully some wonderful food.

I just wanted to take a moment on Thanksgiving to say thank you.

Last Sunday you were moved and made commitments to God for the next two years to unleash hope and compassion to the world. God has been so faithful and so have you.

Also, remember this upcoming Sunday is Celebration & First Fruits Sunday. We’ll have an opportunity to bring our first gifts that will help us to immediately start fueling some of our MOVED initiatives like launching Fellowship Pasadena and planting desperately needed churches in India. The work begins now.

So we’ll see you this Sunday as we bring our “first fruits” and prepare to unleash hope and compassion in the world! I know we’ll begin to see the harvest of the Kingdom of God. It’s going to be a historic Sunday!

Let’s go!

Pastor Albert Tate


For more information on MOVED, making a commitment, or your “first fruits” gift, click here.