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04/01/18 | |


02/25/18 | |

God Can

12/31/17 | |

Women Are Resilient

11/10/17 | |

Want to watch the entire Women Are Resilient service? Click here.

What Are You Reaching For?

04/17/16 | |

For this service, Pastor Albert delivers a passionate and important message on reaching for God in all situations. He died on the cross so he could be God and God alone, but often times we see Him as a genie, waiting to fulfill our needs. What do you do with a "disobedient" God, a God who follows his own way?


03/20/16 | |

In part 5 of the Book of John series, Past Albert delivers a passionate preaching on the fullness of God and it's impact on our lives. Have you experienced the fullness of His word in you? It’s found exclusively in God and God alone. Purpose is here, meaning is here, rationale is here, and it is here in God.

Children of God

03/13/16 | |

In part 4 of the Book of John series, Pastor Albert preaches a powerful message on the role we as children of God play in displaying Jesus Christ's glory to the world. What if you had been spared from your horrible situation so that you could deliver the message of God’s hope and love? God will definitely work through you, but only if you allow Him to.

In the Beginning

02/28/16 | |

In the part 2 of the Book of John series, Pastor Albert gives a powerful message about loving God for who He is and not for what He can do for us. If we miss who He is, then we will miss the best part of him: A father who wants us to be fulfilled by his overwhelming, healing presence.

The Story of Iran’s Church

02/21/16 | |

For this service, Guest speaker David Yeghnazar speaks on the growing Christian community in Iran as a testament to the unfiltered grace and love of Jesus Christ. Often times we set conditions on who we are willing to share the message of Christ to, when God is set on making sure everyone experiences his life changing love. Loving kind people is easy, but loving difficult people is how you truly grow stronger in Christ.

Our Father

02/21/16 | |

For this service, Pastor Mark Chase delivers a moving preaching about seeing God not as a detached being, but as a caring father. We can't have a parent-child relationship with God if we keep hiding our true selves from Him; God desperately wants to meet the real you.

Begin Again – Part 4

01/24/16 | |

In part 4 of the Begin Again Series, Pastor Katie delivers an enlightening and powerful preaching about letting pride go to begin again with God. Practical atheism is the kind of pride that says, “God I believe in you, but I’m going to live like you don’t exist", and that is what many of us unintentionally practice. What are you most afraid of, and have you ever surrendered that to God?

Begin Again- Part 3

01/17/16 | |

In part 3 of the Begin Again series, Pastor Michael shares a moving preaching on the blessing behind great struggle. At times, life can prove to be difficult and heartbreaking, which is why we sometimes choose to ignore the problems that are bubbling inside of us. However, Jesus shows us that we are not not meant to live in a state of numbness, and he does this by speaking through our most painful wounds.

Begin Again – Part 2

01/10/16 | |

In part 2 of the Begin Again series, Pastor Albert preaches a passionate and uplifting message on starting over with God at the wheel. One of the greatest gifts that we receive from God is messing up and having the privilege to begin again. However, There is no point in beginning again if we don't begin with God.


12/13/15 | |

For this week's installment of the gift of presence series, Pastor Brandan Spencer delivers a powerful preaching on Jesus Christ being the ultimate form of nourishment. When we accept Christ's nourishing presence into our lives, it leads us to think about the path we are currently on, and whether or not we should be on that path. The mission that Jesus has might not be the mission that we want, but it’s always the mission that we need.