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Series: Vision Sunday

Vision Sunday: Give

09/20/15 | |

For this service, Pastor Michael delivers a powerful preaching on the importance of giving & serving the community with a God given heart. God has a vision and a dream for our city, and He needs every single one of us to see it blossom into reality. We believe we're telling the greatest story ever told every week, but this story wasn't meant to be just said at church.

Vision Sunday

09/13/15 | |

For this Special Sunday service, Pastor Albert Tate speaks with great passion on how discipleship and a heavy focus on the gospel is the key to growth. It hasn’t proven hard for Fellowship to attract a crowd, but the question is can we attract a congregation, a community of believers committed to discipleship? At fellowship, the vision is clear: we do discipleship, that’s what we do; that’s what God is going to ask us about.

Vision Sunday 2014 Pt 2

09/14/14 | |

For the second part of this special service, Pastor Albert talks about the new church programs being introduced. The overall objective of these programs is to fulfill the kingdom work God has called us to do, to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need His love.

Vision Sunday 2014 Pt 1

09/07/14 | |

For this special service, Pastor Albert speaks on the importance of the church of Jesus Christ.The world needs to hear the breaking headline that is found in verse 3, chapter 6, of the book of John: for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life.

Vision Sunday

09/08/13 | | Luke 4:14-21:0 & Matthew 18:18-20:0

Vision Sunday

01/27/13 | | Matthew 28:16