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Series: The Book of John


03/20/16 | |

In part 5 of the Book of John series, Past Albert delivers a passionate preaching on the fullness of God and it's impact on our lives. Have you experienced the fullness of His word in you? It’s found exclusively in God and God alone. Purpose is here, meaning is here, rationale is here, and it is here in God.

Children of God

03/13/16 | |

In part 4 of the Book of John series, Pastor Albert preaches a powerful message on the role we as children of God play in displaying Jesus Christ's glory to the world. What if you had been spared from your horrible situation so that you could deliver the message of God’s hope and love? God will definitely work through you, but only if you allow Him to.

In the Beginning

02/28/16 | |

In the part 2 of the Book of John series, Pastor Albert gives a powerful message about loving God for who He is and not for what He can do for us. If we miss who He is, then we will miss the best part of him: A father who wants us to be fulfilled by his overwhelming, healing presence.