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Series: Rooted

Walk in Joy

11/23/14 | | Philippians 4

In the final installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Albert speaks on what it means to live a thankful life. There are times when life is so rough we don’t even feel like praying, let alone know what to be grateful for. It in these moments that we should remember who our God is, and that his peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

The Church

11/16/14 | | Hebrews 10:19

In this week's installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Albert talks about the the identity of the church and what it means in regards to our lives. A vital aspect of the church's identity is the gospel, knowing that Jesus Christ has come to make a new way and give us access to the palace of God. No longer are we outside of his presence, but rather immersed in his love alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Come Home

11/09/14 | | Luke 19

In this week's installment of the Rooted series, Family Ministries Pastor Katie Quesada speaks on the problem of exclusion the church often has. Certain individuals are seen as not within Jesus's reach, that salvation cannot or should not be available to them. Not only is salvation available for all, but God has made the church a home where everyone can live- we just need to open the doors.

In God We Trust

11/02/14 | | Luke 12:13

In this week's installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Albert delivers a powerful message about how we often put more trust in money than we do God. We either have money and hoard it, or don't have any and become anxious about not having anything. When we see past our problems and worldly desires, we'll finally see that our father in heaven is in control of every situation; All he asks is that we give it all to him.

A Broken Theology

10/26/14 | | Matthew 14:13

In this week's installment of the Rooted Series, Pastor Ed speaks on  what it means to truly have compassion for others. We often marginalize others who are in worse situations than we are, simply labelling them as "oppressed" and nothing more. Through following Jesus, we realize that we all experience times of abundance and lack, and that we are living this life together as equals.

A Dirty Theology

10/19/14 | | John 13

In this week's Installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Michael speaks on how we often buy into the narrative that culture is trying to sell us. While so many are concerned with their own comfort and progress, Jesus shows us what it means to be the greatest: to serve and love one another as he did for us.

Expose the Lie

10/11/14 | | Matthew 4:1

In this week's installment of the Rooted Series, Pastor Albert delivers an important message on distinguishing the Devil's lies from God's truth. Satan often tempts us when our relationship with God is strong, and he does this by tricking us into settling for our desires. When we understand the true worth of our faith in Jesus Christ, the devil will no longer have any control over us.

Rooted Series – Week 3 Suffering

10/05/14 | | Daniel 3

In this week's installment of the Rooted Series, Pastor Albert speaks on trusting God in the midst of suffering. Whenever trouble hits, we often focus so much on the chaos that we lose faith and begin to ask, "where is God?" If we just keep our eyes on Jesus, we will see that the God of all creation is able to keep us stable in any situation.

Rooted Series – Week 2 Listen

09/28/14 | | Acts 34:14

In this week's installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Albert addresses the commonly asked question "How do I hear from God?" More often than not, The noise of our lives is so loud that we cannot hear what God is speaking to us. It is only when we live a life that's postured to listening to God will we begin to understand how much he cares for us.

Rooted Series – Week 1

09/21/14 | |

In the first installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Albert gives an important message on the image of God and what that means for our lives. Many times in life, we fixate on our problems for so long that they become all we can see. When we realize that our God is bigger than our problems, that is when we will finally be aware of the blessings.