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Series: Men's Conference

The Mission of a Man

04/18/15 | |

For the 3rd and final part of the Men's Conference, Pastor Ed delivers an important message on the mission of a man. When we're not invested in communities we get into traps, but we weren't designed to live avoiding traps, we were designed to live our lives on mission. When we think about mission and purpose, we start with the fact that we have one. We may not be fully aware of it, but God has something extraordinary in mind for all of us.

The Soul of a Man

04/18/15 | |

For the second part of the Men's conference, Pastor Chuck gives an insightful preaching on the soul of a man. You soul is to your life what your steering wheel is to your car, but it's a truth that many are not aware of. Depending on the health of our souls, our lives will either be drained by despair or filled with purpose.

The Heart of a Man

04/17/15 | |

For the 1st part of the Men's Conference, Pastor Albert speaks on the heart of a man. Something important we need to understand is that our heart is always longing, but we have to learn that the only thing that will satisfy the longing of our heart is God and God alone.