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Series: Begin Again

Begin Again – Part 4

01/24/16 | |

In part 4 of the Begin Again Series, Pastor Katie delivers an enlightening and powerful preaching about letting pride go to begin again with God. Practical atheism is the kind of pride that says, “God I believe in you, but I’m going to live like you don’t exist", and that is what many of us unintentionally practice. What are you most afraid of, and have you ever surrendered that to God?

Begin Again- Part 3

01/17/16 | |

In part 3 of the Begin Again series, Pastor Michael shares a moving preaching on the blessing behind great struggle. At times, life can prove to be difficult and heartbreaking, which is why we sometimes choose to ignore the problems that are bubbling inside of us. However, Jesus shows us that we are not not meant to live in a state of numbness, and he does this by speaking through our most painful wounds.

Begin Again – Part 2

01/10/16 | |

In part 2 of the Begin Again series, Pastor Albert preaches a passionate and uplifting message on starting over with God at the wheel. One of the greatest gifts that we receive from God is messing up and having the privilege to begin again. However, There is no point in beginning again if we don't begin with God.