The Center for Racial Reconciliation is committed to racial justice stewardship.

We do this through biblical discipleship, strategic experiential learning, embodied storytelling, connecting the spiritual implications of our historical wounds, and advocating for a just future.

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Join us in honoring and celebrating the voices and stories of the Latine and Hispanic community.
From September 15 through October 15, we will be sharing reflections from some of
our Fellowship family + friends and uncovering local history integral to the Latina/o identity.
We remember the diaspora of cultures and traditions and recognize this rich history and heritage.


Sept 19 - Oct 18

Plan a visit to the LA Arboretum to see the exhibit “Six Word Blooms” which pays homage to two ancient Mexican art forms: papel picado and poetry.


Homeboy 5k

Sat, Sept 24

Join us for this community event in support of Homeboy Industries whose mission is to provide training and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated people. Join the Fellowship group, by searching "fellowship" under teams and then sign up.

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Movie Under
the Stars

Oct 13 | 6-9pm
$12 (dinner included)

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with us by coming to a community dinner + movie! Dinner will be catered by Party Tacos el Compadre and then we will watch Walkout (2006) together under the stars. We hope to see you there!



1.0: Church, Race, and Reconciliation

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the deceptive and destructive effects of racism in our lives and in the body of Christ. This is an opportunity to learn about and experience the work of racial reconciliation.

2.0: Challenges & Solutions to Reconciliation

Having become convinced that race remains a salient factor in shaping our society, in this workshop we will take the next steps in becoming active participants in dismantling racialized systems of disparity in order to become reconciled.

*In order to participate in Workshop 2.0: Challenges & Solutions to Reconciliation, it is a requirement to have completed Workshop 1.0: Church, Race, and Reconciliation.

civil rights tours

At Fellowship, we want to be a church that stands at the forefront and leads in the conversation on race, reconciliation, and justice. One way that we do this is by taking multiethnic, intergenerational groups on tours, where we deepen our understanding of our history so that we can more effectively preach the gospel and make disciples.

Save the dates:
Southern Civil Rights Tour: June 9-June 17, 2023
Asian American Civil Rights Tour: July 22-29, 2023

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  • Southern Civil
    Rights Tour

    The trip follows the path of some of the freedom rides traveled through the South.

    June 9-June 17, 2023

  • Asian American
    Civil Rights Tour

    We will look at the historic intersecting dynamics within the Asian American community regarding church, history, and race.

    July 22-29, 2023

  • Pasadena Civil
    Rights Excursion

    A one-day journey through the racial history and present-day challenges the city of Pasadena.

Reconcile Pasadena

What does a racially just Pasadena look like?

Reconcile Pasadena examines this question and invites participants to communally develop tools that enable them to engage Pasadena’s racial and geographic history through a theological framework that uncovers the underpinnings of advocacy for the oppressed replete throughout Scripture.

Coming Fall 2023.
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table talks: conversations on race in america

At our Family Table, we don’t avoid talking about issues of race and racism. Instead, we always come back to the broken body and shed blood of Jesus as we learn to stay at the table.

Table Talks Begin the Week of Jan 16, 2023

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