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Preacher: Michael Field

Begin Again- Part 3

01/17/16 | |

In part 3 of the Begin Again series, Pastor Michael shares a moving preaching on the blessing behind great struggle. At times, life can prove to be difficult and heartbreaking, which is why we sometimes choose to ignore the problems that are bubbling inside of us. However, Jesus shows us that we are not not meant to live in a state of numbness, and he does this by speaking through our most painful wounds.

Vision Sunday: Give

09/20/15 | |

For this service, Pastor Michael delivers a powerful preaching on the importance of giving & serving the community with a God given heart. God has a vision and a dream for our city, and He needs every single one of us to see it blossom into reality. We believe we're telling the greatest story ever told every week, but this story wasn't meant to be just said at church.

Hello, My Name Is…

07/26/15 | | Matthew 16:13-20

For the first installment of the Summer Speaker series, Pastor Michael delivers an inspiring message on knowing who Jesus truly is in our lives. Our identities are often shaped by false labels, but God will pursue us over and over again until what he says about us is actually true. When we understand who God is, in that moment he re-identifies us and puts on a label that all other labels bow down to.

Doctrine of Mission

07/12/15 | | John 1:1-14

In this week's installment of the Doctrine that Dances series, Pastor Michael speaks passionately about the true purpose of mission. In order for this doctrine to be something that dances in our lives, we must focus not only on who we’re called to and what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it. The nature of mission is something that is initiated in heaven & carried out on earth, but often we are too inwardly focused to see how God is moving. There are so many things that keep us turned inward, when our God is saying, “Heaven is meeting earth all around you, and I want you to participate in that.”

Brothers & Sisters

05/31/15 | | Ephesians 6:5-9

For this service, Pastor Michael delivers a powerful message on what it means to trust and serve God in the midst of a horrible situation. As we set our will on Christ, the Lord will make sure we don’t become whatever atmosphere we’ve been placed in. Everyone is a masterpiece in the eyes of God, and He is calling us to see each other this way, not judge one another by race or social standing.

The Gift of Chains

03/01/15 | | Ephesians 3:1-14

For this service, Pastor Michael delivers an important message about thriving in a miserable situation. We often move through life so quickly that we don't focus on the deeper question, "What are we here on this earth for?" When we realize that our purpose and mission are found through resting completely in Christ, we will come to see that even our struggles are blessings in disguise.

Hope… Delayed

12/07/14 | | Luke 2:1-20

In this week's installment of the Advent Conspiracy series, Pastor Michael speaks on how hope is often delayed in certain places in our lives. Hopelessness will no longer reign if we remember that Jesus came to let us know we are not alone, that with him broken things are made new again.

A Dirty Theology

10/19/14 | | John 13

In this week's Installment of the Rooted series, Pastor Michael speaks on how we often buy into the narrative that culture is trying to sell us. While so many are concerned with their own comfort and progress, Jesus shows us what it means to be the greatest: to serve and love one another as he did for us.

Wisdom – Proverbs

06/22/14 | |

In the first installment of the summer wisdom series, Pastor Michael breaks down the topic of the fear of God. The fear of God we have is based on a lie, and in order to understand it we need to know the truth about God and ourselves.

The Greatest

03/30/14 | |

For this service, Pastor Michael shares a heartfelt message about who is the greatest in the eyes of God. It's counter-cultural to think that greatness is actually humility & weakness, but that's what Jesus means when He says the greatest in the kingdom of God is a little child. If we want to be great, then our hearts need to be in a place where it needs and cries out for the Lord like a child cries out for their parents.


04/14/13 | | John 21

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02/10/13 | | Genesis 1:26