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Preacher: Katie Quesada

Women Are Resilient

11/10/17 | |

Want to watch the entire Women Are Resilient service? Click here.

Begin Again – Part 4

01/24/16 | |

In part 4 of the Begin Again Series, Pastor Katie delivers an enlightening and powerful preaching about letting pride go to begin again with God. Practical atheism is the kind of pride that says, “God I believe in you, but I’m going to live like you don’t exist", and that is what many of us unintentionally practice. What are you most afraid of, and have you ever surrendered that to God?

I’ve Seen A Glimpse

08/09/15 | | Matthew 5:3-10

In this week's installment of the Summer Speaker series, Pastor Katie preaches a heartfelt message on the true nature of the kingdom of God. His kingdom is rarely found in auditoriums, but is often found in living rooms, allowing for true intimacy to arise. The kingdom of heaven is lot smaller and bigger than you thought... don't try to figure it out, just follow him.

We’re Listening

05/24/15 | | Ephesians 6:1-4

For this service, Pastor Katie speaks on the importance of seeking God through inter-generational relationships. God shows up when we take the time to form lasting bonds with those that are younger and older than us, blessing us in ways that we could never possibly imagine.

It Begins…

03/29/15 | | Luke 19:28-45

For this service, Pastor Katie delivers a powerful message on how we often miss why Jesus has come. He is so ready to break your expectations of what he can do, and that's where we begin holy week; we begin with the reality that he came to do so much more.

One More Brave Step

01/04/15 | | Isaiah 43:18-20

For this week's service, Pastor Katie speaks on what it means to make a Godly lasting change in your life. We often try to treat the symptoms we deal with, when God is saying we need focus on the deeper issues. Starting is never easy, but the God we have is saying he will be with us every step of the way.

Come Home

11/09/14 | | Luke 19

In this week's installment of the Rooted series, Family Ministries Pastor Katie Quesada speaks on the problem of exclusion the church often has. Certain individuals are seen as not within Jesus's reach, that salvation cannot or should not be available to them. Not only is salvation available for all, but God has made the church a home where everyone can live- we just need to open the doors.

Wisdom – Friendship

07/13/14 | |

In this week's installment of the Wisdom series, Pastor Katie speaks on wisdom in friendships. Jesus in the business of 100% transformation, and often carries it out through those who believe in him. Being a Christian friend means being in community, spurring one another on out of love which comes from our Heavenly Father.