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Preacher: Ed Barron

The Heart of a Father

06/21/15 | | 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

For this service, Pastor Ed delivers a passionate preaching about what it means to be a father in the eyes of God. Through the morning's passage, we see that our Father in heaven is always paying attention to us so that He may provide whatever our hearts need. In the same way, Fathers are called not only to provide physically for their children, but to make sure their child knows they have a father who is there for them.

The Mission of a Man

04/18/15 | |

For the 3rd and final part of the Men's Conference, Pastor Ed delivers an important message on the mission of a man. When we're not invested in communities we get into traps, but we weren't designed to live avoiding traps, we were designed to live our lives on mission. When we think about mission and purpose, we start with the fact that we have one. We may not be fully aware of it, but God has something extraordinary in mind for all of us.

A Broken Theology

10/26/14 | | Matthew 14:13

In this week's installment of the Rooted Series, Pastor Ed speaks on  what it means to truly have compassion for others. We often marginalize others who are in worse situations than we are, simply labelling them as "oppressed" and nothing more. Through following Jesus, we realize that we all experience times of abundance and lack, and that we are living this life together as equals.

Wisdom – Self Control

07/20/14 | |

In this week's installment of the Wisdom series, Pastor Ed delivers a powerful message on the power of  self-control. The wisdom that comes from God serves to build a wall around our hearts that protects us, allowing for a level of discernment that will bring us closer to our Father in Heaven.

The Power of Vision

01/04/14 | |

For this service, Pastor Ed Barron gives a passionate and impactful preaching on the importance of vision in our relationship with God. A vision is divine revealing, something that God speaks to you; When the moment is right and that vision comes, it will speak and remind you, “This is what God said." Vision ignites passion, passion fuels discipline, and discipline empowers you to take risks; it is in taking those risks that things start to change.