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March Events @ Fellowship

March 2nd, 2018

A Note From Pastor Albert Tate

Hey Fellowship Fam!

Welcome to March! We’re getting ready to spring forward into all that God has for us in this season.

Believe it or not, we’ve got Easter just around the corner. One of the hallmarks of the Christian faith.

This year we’ve got a whole Easter weekend planned for you.

First, on Friday, March 30, is Good Friday. 

Into a broken world Jesus came to set us free from the bonds of sin and death. Before we can celebrate the freedom that came from His resurrection, we must mourn who and what He had to die for. It’s going to be a powerful service that you won’t want to miss.

But that’s not where our story ends. There is good news…

Because early on Sunday morning, with all power, He rose from the grave, and ascended into Heaven! Join us as we celebrate the freedom found in the Risen King! 

Invite your family, your friends, and sign up to volunteer. It’s going to be an amazing celebration but we can’t do it without your help! Easter Sunday is one of the greatest opportunities for people to hear and accept the unique invitation of Jesus Christ. Will you volunteer so others can hear and experience the Good News of the Gospel?

But that’s not all, before we get to Easter, we’ve got another exciting thing happening this month, Camp Sunday.

We believe camp is an important stepping stone in any young person’s faith journey and this year we are doing camp a bit differently. We are literally bringing camp into our neighborhoods and servicing communities that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate.

On Sunday, March 25 we’ll be taking up a special offering so that we can go into our neighborhoods and bring camp to them! As we go into this month and you begin to plan and strategize your giving, would you put a little extra aside so every kid that wants to go to camp can?

That’s just a few of the many things we have coming up. Click here to see all that is happening this month in the life of our church!

In Him,

Pastor Albert Tate