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The Fellowship Local Grant

The Local Grant’s primary purpose is to support Fellowship attenders who are seeking to launch and lead new strategic initiatives that mobilize the body of Christ to love, serve and engage our local neighborhoods and communities to Make Disciples and GIVE in His name. In that spirit, we award a number of new grants each calendar year.

  • New: The Fellowship Grant is designated specifically towards the launching of new ministries or initiatives. Existing ministries are welcome to apply, but the Fellowship Grant Board will determine to what extent the applicant’s proposal includes the launching of a new initiative.
  • Local: The Fellowship Grant is designated specifically towards local ministries or initiatives in the city of Monrovia and the surrounding regions including Azusa, Duarte and Pasadena. International ministries fall outside the scope and parameters of Fellowship Local Grants.
  • Fellowship attendee involvement: The Fellowship Grant is for the launching of new Fellowship initiatives that mobilize our church body for ministry to GIVE in our local cities and communities. We believe non-profits play an important and strategic role in our city, but the Fellowship Grant addresses a different niche and is not generally intended to go towards the ongoing funding related to startup, staffing, and maintenance of a non-profit. The Fellowship Grant’s Board will be seeking to determine to what extent the applicant’s proposed initiative serves our mission of Making Disciples as a local church body.

For additional information or any questions about Local Grants, please email fmlocal@madeforfellowship.com.