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We were not created to do life alone. Through LifeGroups, we have the opportunity be known, loved, and cared for in authentic community. Striving to become better disciples of Christ, we live out the 4Gs of our church mission in LifeGroups: surrendering our lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Growing in a life of worship, Gathering in community, and Giving our lives away on mission.

At Fellowship, “LifeGroups” are what we call the small groups that meet in living rooms and coffee shops across the San Gabriel Valley. These groups take many forms: some are smaller or bigger than others, some are based on specific demographics, and others are intergenerational, just like our Sunday morning congregation. There are lots of LifeGroups to choose from!

Feel free to e-mail us at any time with questions or comments at lifegroups@madeforfellowship.com.

Lead a LifeGroup

At Fellowship, LifeGroup Leaders facilitate a small group where the 4Gs – Gospel, Grow, Gather, Give – can come alive. Our leaders create safe spaces where people can be known and cared for as they continue their discipleship journey.

In order to have enough time to interview, train, and launch new 2018 LifeGroups, this application will be available until December 10.

Join a LifeGroup

We’re glad to hear you are looking to find a LifeGroup at Fellowship! This is a great step towards getting plugged in and moving forward in your discipleship journey. We would be happy to help you get connected with a LifeGroup that fits your schedule and preferences.

Complete the following form to begin the LifeGroup Connection Process. Once completed, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days by a member of the LifeGroups Team.

Christmas Has A Name

During this special time of year there are many names competing for our attention and staking claim to our hearts. But what if we told you there is one name above all names? Christmas has a name and it is Jesus. Join us for a fun, entertaining celebration for the whole family, as we express through song, story, and much more the true meaning of Christmas.

25 Day Devotional

LifeGroup Discussion Guides

Daniel: Inside the Box

What happens when our life with God and our life in the empire are at odds with one another?

In Daniel: Inside the Box, we’ll spend the next ten weeks studying the book of Daniel and learning about this extraordinary man who lives with this fundamental tension: he deeply loved God and yet had to daily engage in the empire, Babylon. Daniel learns how to think and live “inside the box” of the empire and ultimately brings glory to the God of all creation.

Are you read to think and live “inside the box”?

For further study, here are a few recommended resources on the book of Daniel:

Daniel by Todd Wilson (Edited by J.I. Packard)

Daniel by Joyce Baldwin

Daniel Study by Beth Moore

Looking for an old LifeGroup Series? Click here. 

Local Serve Opportunities

If you would like to sign up for one of these opportunities, please ask your LifeGroup leader to sign up for your group.

Michael Field

Michael Field

Michael Field is a Campus Pastor at Fellowship. He has traveled an eclectic road throughout the years, which has somehow successfully shaped and formed him for his current role. From living in mud huts in South Africa, to speaking to thousands of young people every year as a camp director at Forest Home, to making a documentary about coffee farmers in Guatemala, Michael has seen God's hand in the likely and unlikely stops along the way. He loves to create space where people can come together in pursuit of honesty, authenticity and God's presence in the midst of the messiness of life. His favorite times to be a part of are when people realize that God's faithfulness, love and sacrifice for them matter more than anything else that could ever define us. As the brother of a musician and the son of a football coach, Michael loves to play music but might love everything about football even more. Michael is married to the astoundingly beautiful and infinitely gifted Faith Greiner Field.