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MOVED is how we will unleash compassion and hope to the world.

“But when He saw the multitudes, Jesus was moved with compassion for them…”
Matthew 9:36

Psalms: For Every Season

The Psalms give us words when we don’t have the words to pray,they teach us about our humanity, and they allow us to engage our own stories more fully. The Psalms are truly for every season of our lives and they are a reminder that God is with us in every one of those seasons.



Made for Fellowship

Fellowship is a Gospel-centered, multiethnic, intergenerational church that exists to make disciples. Our blueprint for discipleship is expressed through our 4 Gs – Gospel, Grow, Gather, and Give.

Over the course of this 8-week series, through daily devotionals, weekly sermons, and challenging questions and exercises in our LifeGroups, we will explore in depth what it means to be transformed by the Gospel, to grow in a life of worship, to gather in community, and to give our lives away on mission.

You were made for fellowship.

Christmas Has A Name

During this special time of year there are many names competing for our attention and staking claim to our hearts. But what if we told you there is one name above all names? Christmas has a name and it is Jesus. Join us for a fun, entertaining celebration for the whole family, as we express through song, story, and much more the true meaning of Christmas.

25 Day Devotional

LifeGroup Discussion Guides

Daniel: Inside the Box

What happens when our life with God and our life in the empire are at odds with one another?

In Daniel: Inside the Box, we’ll spend the next ten weeks studying the book of Daniel and learning about this extraordinary man who lives with this fundamental tension: he deeply loved God and yet had to daily engage in the empire, Babylon. Daniel learns how to think and live “inside the box” of the empire and ultimately brings glory to the God of all creation.

Are you read to think and live “inside the box”?


If you feel unqualified, not ready, or don’t want to do what God has called you to do then you probably feel a lot like David, Moses, and Abraham did.

In this 8-week series, we’ll look at some of the great characters from the Bible, the unique calling on their lives, and we’ll investigate how we can live out God’s calling in our own lives.

This season there is no workbook and disc to follow along with. Instead, at the beginning of each week, we will provide a devotional for you to do on your own time and discussion questions for your time in LifeGroup.

James: A Long Walk of Obedience

In James: A Long Walk of Obedience, we will spend 10 weeks taking intentional steps to cultivate how to engage in the sacred narrative of God using a practical tool to study the Bible and in particular the book of James, in a simple yet profound way. Throughout this book, James will challenge us to live more like Jesus did, but to do that we must practice walking daily in obedience with Jesus.

A Love Letter Written in Stone: The Ten Commandments

When I think about the Ten Commandments, what instantly comes to mind are stone tablets, Charlton Heston, and the deep, authoritative, and all-powerful, voice of God.

So when I say the ten commandments are actually a “love letter written in stone” it makes one pause. A “love letter”? A love letter written in stone? Who’s ever written a love letter in stone?!  Well, God did.

In fact, it was the only time in history where the same hands that formed the mountains and put the stars into place, physically wrote something to us and for us.

If we begin to think about the ten commandments from this perspective, we begin to see His true heart and love for us. When we experience that love, we no longer perform out of law, we perform out of His great love. This, my friends, changes everything.

Disobedient God: How to Trust a God that Goes Off Script

Disobedient God is our new sermon series and LifeGroup curriculum that uncovers what to do when God doesn’t give you what you want, revealing that the only way to trace the path of a God you can’t control is to reconnect with every hearts truest desire: a relationship with Christ.