The Fellowship Internship Program exists to encourage, equip, and expose the next generation of disciple-makers.

In other words, we believe in the next generation of Christian leaders. And we want to create as many opportunities as possible for young saints in the Fellowship family to be “equipped for the works of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

Fellowship Interns are encouraged, equipped, and exposed to the work of local Church ministry through hands-on experience for the purpose of sustaining a lifetime of Kingdom impact.

Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 season is August 29 to December 21. Applications are closed.

To apply for the Fall 2022 season, complete these 3 simple steps. Your application will not be considered until we have received the following:

Submit the online application

Send an updated resume to

Send a one minute video of yourself to No need to create a fancy production; a phone video works just fine! Introduce yourself and tell us why you want to intern at Fellowship.

Being an Intern

All Fall 2022 internship roles are part-time opportunities that serve 10 hours per week in a hybrid setting, meaning that they involve both digital work and in-person work in Monrovia, CA.

Before you check out the specific openings for the upcoming season, take a look at the general objectives and qualifications that apply to all internship positions.

  • Objectives

    In general, this is what a Fellowship Intern does:

    • Assist in the ongoing work of the ministry, team or department, from ideation and strategy to execution and implementation.
    • Meet regularly with direct supervisor(s) for feedback, mentorship, leadership development, and encouragement.
    • Help build and support the ministry, team, or department’s connections with volunteers, relationships with other Fellowship ministries, and outside partnerships.
    • Aid in the preparation for the ministry, team, or department’s events and activities.
    • Manage and nurture any assigned projects, groups, and material.

  • Qualifications

    In general, this is what is required of a Fellowship Intern:

    • Must be an adaptable, honest, and cooperative team player with high emotional intelligence
    • Able to take the initiative, solve problems, and behave in a professional manner
    • Must be humble, willing to grow, able to ask for help from others
    • Must be consistent and reliable, skilled in time management or willing to learn time management
    • Committed to one’s ongoing discipleship
    • Is able to manage one’s time well in a remote work environment; proficient usage of computers and technology within a remote work environment (Zoom, email)
    • Helpful skills include written and verbal communication, project management, event planning, empathy, administration, organization, research, leadership

Scroll to explore open internship positions for the fall 2022 season:

Got a question about a specific role? Let us know at


A Kids Intern invests in the kids of Fellowship while learning how to facilitate weekly ministry for our youngest disciples ages 3 months to 5th grade. The Fellowship Kids team is looking for interns to serve with either Elementary kids or Early Childhood kids. 

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Leading preschool & elementary age kids 
  • Content development
  • Teaching & worship leading
  • Volunteer management
  • Event planning and preparation
  • Social Media management
  • Strategic partnerships with families and parents

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about the discipleship and growth of kids
  • Is friendly, relatable, and willing to be silly

A Kids Intern reports to the Elementary & Early Childhood Directors and must be available on Sundays and some weekdays for intern hours.

Care & Outreach

A Care & Outreach Intern helps facilitate strategic and loving care for the Fellowship family, our local communities, and our global partners. 

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Managing systems and rhythms of congregation care
  • Resourcing the Fellowship family in times of crisis or need
  • Being the hands and feet of Jesus in tangible ways
  • Community bridge building
  • Content development & facilitation
  • Volunteer management

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about developing an environment where everyone is known, loved, and cared for
  • Is organized, takes the initiative, and has good communication skills
  • Is empathetic and relatable
  • Has a burden to see others experience the love and mercy of God through the local church

A Care & Outreach Intern reports to the Pastor of Outreach and must be available on weekday mornings or afternoons for intern hours.


A Campus Intern helps create and facilitate in-person environments where disciples are made through worship services. They serve primarily with weekend services, as well as special events. 

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Event & Service planning and execution
  • Volunteer management
  • Content curation
  • Materials & Supplies management
  • Logistics preparation

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Cares about hospitality and creating inviting spaces
  • Ideally has experience with Planning Center Online, Asana, and Google Suite, or the ability to learn software systems such as these.
  • Has special talent or training in service producing, communication, or hospitality.

A Campus Intern reports to the Campus Team and must be available Sundays and another weekday(s) for intern hours.

Center for Racial Reconciliation Storyteller

A Storyteller Intern with the Center for Racial Reconciliation is involved in the ongoing storytelling of who the Center is and what the Center does to pursue biblical justice.

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Content development
  • Writing and design
  • Managing CFRR social media platforms
  • Building & nurturing community through storytelling

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about racial justice and reconciliation
  • Has experience with managing a social media account or online platform 
  • Proficient in photo editing, design, and communication
  • Must provide portfolio of previous content of this nature
  • Must provide written answer to the following question: In 500 words or less, describe your personal racial journey and share the ways you have engaged in the work of racial reconciliation.

A CFRR Storyteller Intern reports to the Director of the Center for Racial Reconciliation and must be available on weekdays for intern hours.


A Discipleship Intern participates in the development and facilitation of spiritual formation strategy through the Discipleship Pathway, Fellowship Groups, and corresponding projects. 

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Curriculum and content creation
  • Volunteer care and development
  • Resourcing leaders and groups 
  • Special event coordination for discipleship events
  • Management of logistics and systems

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about seeing individuals deepen their understanding of discipleship rhythms and practices.
  • Has the ability to collaborate within a team setting and set others up for a win.
  • Is committed to their personal discipleship journey
  • Have skills in discipling others (active listening, communication, follow up & follow through)
  • Ideally has experience as a small group leader or co-leader

A Discipleship Intern reports to the Pastor to Discipleship and Groups Pastor, and is ideally available on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays for intern hours.

Film & TV

A Film & TV Intern is involved in Fellowship’s storytelling through the medium of film. 

In addition to the general Intern objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Helping film projects go from concept to reality by assisting with the pre-production work of research, scheduling, securing locations, rentals, and more.
  • Managing, maintaining, and operating equipment including cameras, lights, microphones, media, and more
  • Assisting with the post-production work of having transcripts made, assistant editing, and more.

In addition to the general Intern qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Has some experience in storytelling through film and can demonstrate that with a reel or portfolio of quality work.
  • Is a willing learner, asks questions, and can handle constructive feedback
  • Desires to work in this field of ministry or industry and is passionate about storytelling through film
  • Is reliable, a clear communicator, and a team player
  • Must provide a portfolio of related work

A Film Intern reports to the Film & TV team and is available at various times throughout the week for intern hours.


A Youth Intern is a high-integrity leader who is passionate about seeing middle and high school students love Jesus and live like Jesus. 

In addition to the general Intern Objectives, this intern also gets to participate in:

  • Project management of Youth programming (services, games, etc.)
  • Spiritual formation of students through LifeGroup leading & facilitation
  • Coordination of content & curriculum
  • Social Media management & contribution
  • Planning & execution of Youth Camp

In addition to the general Intern Qualifications, we’re looking for someone who:

  • Is passionate about middle school and high school students 
  • Has the ability to lead and facilitate an engaging small group discussion
  • Optional: is seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry or Biblical Studies, or desires to go into youth ministry

A Youth intern reports to the Youth Pastors and must be available on Wednesdays from 3-9 pm for Youth, plus other weekdays for intern hours. 


When is the next internship season?

The fall 2022 internships season is August 29 to December 21, 2022.

What is the time commitment for an intern?

Interns work 10 hours per week in their direct area of ministry, including meetings with their supervisor, planning and preparations, and ministry execution. Interns also meet monthly with the larger intern community for leadership training, team building, and community development.

Is this internship paid?

Interns are paid $15 per hour for 10 hours per week.

What happens after an application is submitted?

After all the components of an application are received, an applicant is invited to complete an initial interview with Internship Program leadership. Following the initial interview, a secondary interview will take place if an applicant sufficiently demonstrates eligibility. After the secondary interview, the applicant will be notified of their status.

Is housing provided for interns?

No, housing is not provided as this is a part-time internship.

Do I need to be in California to intern at Fellowship?

Yes, interns need to be local enough to commute to Monrovia, CA to intern at Fellowship. The digital and remote aspects of each intern role can be completed from wherever the intern has wifi.

Can interns have other jobs while interning at Fellowship?

Yes! Because this is a 10 hour per week commitment, many interns work an additional part-time job and/or attend school while interning at Fellowship.

Apply Today

Fall 2022 applications are closed.