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Room Reservation Form – This form is to request a room reservation at Monrovia High School. The form MUST be submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to your event. This form does not guarantee availability of a room at MHS. You will receive confirmation 2-3 days after submitting your room request.


When you’re starting a new job it’s hard to feel like you don’t “fit in.” We want to help you have a better sense of who we are and how to fit in. Here are some ways we describe the vibes of a Fellowship Staff member. This is an idea of the kind of person we are striving to become and these attributes contribute to our staff culture more than anything else.

No matter your age, ethnicity, gifting, personality, or upbringing, we want our people to strive to embody these qualities:


Things change around here. You will probably be asked to do something you didn’t “sign up for.” We are constantly adapting to where the Spirit of God is leading.

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This is the Kingdom of God, people. Get to work!

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We do so much life and work together and an apology will be in order, often. Be the first to say sorry.


We are good at what we do.


Do you have a question? Google it. Who can you ask for help Where can you look for answers?

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“I need to find someone who will replace that trash can liner.” Wrong! “I will replace that trash can liner.” Nothing is someone else’s problem here at Fellowship. How can you present solutions, not just problems?

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“I failed at something, I should tell someone.” “I am hurting,
the people on my team need to know.” We don’t wait until things are “all better” to share.

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I can learn something from anyone. I am a listening learner.

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You should be able to talk to people from every walk of life and be nice while doing it. You will interact with an old cat lady and a CEO – they both go to our church.

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What haven’t we thought of and how can we make this better? We love art. We love guring out the best way to do things and we know God is creative.


When a task is given to me, I will carry it to completion or ask for help if I can’t.


I am constantly seeking to know Jesus more – to be more faithful to God and His word.


I will handle high-level conversations and recognize that gossip is not a currency at Fellowship. Your lack of confidentiality will be one of the fastest ways to lose respect around here.


The way I was raised may not actually be best. Someone who comes from a different path in life has something to teach me. I want to learn from them.


We play whiffle ball and dance together. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Congratulations on your 4.0 GPA, but can you read a room?


Ask yourself “Who can I ask to work on this with me?” “Who should be at this table?” I am not intimidated by someone on staff who is better at something than me, I ask for their help.