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Vision Sunday – September 10

You will not want to miss this special day as we’ll cast vision for where God is calling us and outside you’ll have the opportunity to answer one of the two questions we ask every week:

“Who are you doing life with?”

If you’re not already in a LifeGroup, this is your opportunity to get into a small community of people where you can be cared for, known, and can grow in a life of worship. Join us outside after service, talk with current LifeGroup leaders, and sign up!

Already in a LifeGroup?

Join us outside after service and go to a Connect Center to purchase your *Daniel workbook for the fall series. The workbook is $15.

*Daniel: Inside the Box

What happens when our life with God and our life in the empire are at odds with one another?

In Daniel: Inside the Box, we’ll spend the next ten weeks studying the book of Daniel and learning about this extraordinary man who lived with this fundamental tension: he deeply loved God and yet had to daily engage in the empire, Babylon. Daniel learns how to think and live “inside the box” of the empire and ultimately brings glory to the God of all creation.

Are you ready to think and live “inside the box”?