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Middle School & High School Workshop 1.0

Center for Racial Reconciliation Workshop 1.0: Church, Race, and Reconciliation.
This workshop is specifically designed for teenagers. The workshop will introduce teens to the deceptive and destructive effects of racism in our lives and in the body of Christ. It will also equip them to have difficult conversations in their daily lives both in person and on social media.


Event Contact

John Williams

John Williams

John has diligently and faithfully worked toward racial reconciliation for almost 30 years. He is passionate about training groups who seek to increase their awareness around biblical multicultural and racial reconciliation, and brings years of experience and expertise in facilitating and training to this work.

John uses facilitating dialogue and interactive exercises as a core element in all of his workshops.  These workshops are designed to introduce participants to the deceptive and destructive effects of racism in our lives and the body of Christ, and present opportunities to learn and experience the work of racial reconciliation within a biblical framework

John is a graduate of UC Berkeley and USC Law School. John has been practicing law for over 20 years, has mediated and facilitated sessions for individual and small groups in the area of alternative dispute and conflict resolution, and is an adjunct professor at Life Pacific College.