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Easter Devotional Introduction

March 29th, 2019


At Fellowship, our values are summarized by the 4 Gs: We are committed to being transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, growing in a life of worship, gathering in community, and giving our lives away on mission. 

As disciples of Jesus, we anchor ourselves in the Scriptures. The Bible allows us to see our lives in light of the Gospel story weaved throughout the pages of this sacred text. We engage the Bible as the Word of God that specially reveals truth to our individual stories, our communities, and the world around us. We also experience the Bible as living and active, forming and transforming.

Alongside of our Easter sermon series on Sunday mornings, we invite you to journey with us through a daily devotional. As we “grow in a life of worship,” we dive deeper into our communal and individual discipleship by exploring Jesus’ words in the Gospels. Our hope and prayer is for our church to be shaped by the life, words, and actions of Jesus in this holy season of Easter.

How to Use This Devotional

Each day is separated into five sections: (1) Scripture; (2) Reflection; (3) Reflection Questions; (4) Soul Care Practice; (5) Blessing. 

  1. Scripture
    Begin your time of devotion by praying and asking God for openness to His Word. Read the listed Gospel passage, paying attention for Jesus’ words and observing His encounters with people.
  2. Reflection
    Each devotional reflection has been shaped by a collective of multiethnic, intergenerational pastoral voices representing various departments: LifeGroups, Care & Counseling, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Family Ministry, Youth Ministry, Spiritual Formation, and the Fellowship Center for Racial Reconciliation.
  3. Reflection Questions
    This section asks each reader to take a step further to apply the day’s devotional thought into their lives. This section challenges the reader to “give their life away on mission.”
  4. Soul Care Practice
    This section invites a deeper, contemplative engagement with Jesus’ words. Each morning and evening, the reader is given the opportunity to meditate on and embody Jesus’ invitation at the soul level.
  5. Blessing
    Receive this daily blessing of God’s promise and peace over you, a reminder of Easter resurrection and hope.

If you would like to get daily push notifications as a reminder to follow the devotional, follow these instructions: In the app tap on the three white lines in the top left corner, tap settings, notifications, then slide the knob to the right next to Easter Devotional 2019.

Some Helpful Tips

We’ve set aside a passage in the Gospels for you to read through as a daily devotion. Here are some tips as you engage this devotional.

  • Take small steps. 15-20 minutes a day are a great starting point. 
  • Don’t rush. 
  • Don’t worry about doing this thing perfectly either, just begin! Invite the Spirit into the time you have and let God’s grace and truth shape your prayer and heart. Be alert to what changes may be taking place in your relationship with God and your life as a result. 


A Note About Our Writers

As a gospel-centered, multiethnic, intergenerational church, we express “the richness of the us-ness” through embodying a diversity of voices in our writing. We’ve invited several pastoral voices on staff to be our guides through phrases or sayings of Jesus found in the Gospels. Each day of our three-week Easter journey (Monday-Saturday), a pastor will share spiritual insights and personal reflections on the intersection of faith, waiting, and the words of Jesus.

  • Mondays: LaRosa Tate
  • Tuesdays: Tim Mahan
  • Wednesdays: John Williams
  • Thursdays: Lisette Fraser
  • Fridays: Mark Chase
  • Saturdays: Becky White
  • Soul Care Practice (everyday): Christine Suh

As we journey towards Easter this season, we hope this devotional expression of our community brings purpose to experiencing a depth of intimacy with Jesus. We join the global church and our world, not turning away from the gore of the cross but expectantly waiting for the glory of Easter.