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Dear Fellowship Family,

No one started this new decade predicting that this is where we would be today, but how we respond now will likely define Fellowship for the decade to come.

In this week’s all-church update, we are letting you know that we have a plan to shape the Fellowship response. Our response plan is founded on the promises of God, and aligns with CDC guidelines and governmental regulations to help us show up in ways that only the Church of Jesus Christ can.

Here’s the overview of the Fellowship response plan.





The Fellowship Response Plan





1. Digital Content

We are providing online content to you to provide hope, encouragement, and practical tips for navigating this season. We continue to look to the authorities for civic responses, but we’ve also transformed our office space into a studio to produce content for you to grow in a life of worship. ​


Church Online
Saturdays at 5pm
Sundays at 9 and 11am

Church Online

Midweek Services
every Wednesday
night at 7pm

Church Online

Family Content
Youth Live at 5pm on
Tuesdays on Youtube
and Kids Church on

Church Online


2. Get Help/Give Help System

We are building a system called Get Help/Give Help so we can stand with the Fellowship family throughout this season. Standing with our Governor in the state-wide “stay-at-home” order, this system is built on a “no to low” physical contact structure to keep everyone safe while serving in practical and helpful ways.

We will launch Get Help/Give Help by Sunday with more specific details. It will include:


1. Fighting Isolation
Forming social
connection points to
check in on one
another. No one can
live without hope, but
we can all be a part of
the solution.
2. Helping the Vulnerable
Providing help to
certain age
demographics, anyone
who is immune-
compromised, and
those who are sick in
safe, practical ways.
3. Counseling Resources
Our Counseling Center
is continuing to provide
care through phone
appointments. To sign
up, email





Here’s how you can help us.

In order to redeem this season for God’s glory, we will need your help with the following





1. Update your Contact Info

We need your updated contact information to ensure smooth communication and to mobilize our Give Help/Get Help system. In order to provide the tools you need for hope and encouragement, we need to be able to get ahold of you. Forward this email to people in your neighborhood so they can send their contact info as well.

Update Your Contact Info


2. Share our Services & Content

Use your influence and social media platforms to invite people to church online and our midweek services so we can help cast out darkness by spreading the light. It’s easy to re-share our posts on Facebook or Instagram.

We also encourage you to share the latest message by reposting or forwarding the content to everyone you know. Spend a few minutes praying through who might need to hear the latest sermon, and then send it their way.

Watch Recent Messages


3. Get Help/Give Help

By Sunday, our Get Help/Give Help system will be ready for sign ups. Do you find yourself with a specific need in this season? Let us know! Whether it’s a grocery story run, transportation to a doctor’s appointment, or a check in phone call, we would love to mobilize responsibly to take care of your needs.

Are you able and willing to get involved in helping other members of the Fellowship family? If so, we would love to partner you with a need that has arisen in our church.

How Can We Pray for You


4. Give

In order to mobilize the Fellowship response plan and continue to cover the expenses of the church, we need to continue or begin giving. You can help us provide care to the Fellowship family and continue developing online content by staying involved financially.

Give to Fellowship Relief Fund






In this season more than ever, we are grateful that the Church isn’t a building that we go to, it’s who we are.