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hello Fellowship families,

We know that this season has brought up lots of fear and questions for kids and adults alike, so we want to resource you to lead your family really, really well.

Check out this video from some of our pastors!




Kids Church & Fellowship Youth

Fellowship is meeting exclusively online, and that includes Kids Church and Fellowship Youth!

We’d love for you to engage this content alongside your kids! Learn the lessons, sing the songs, and have fun together.

kids church

fellowship youth live



Here are some additional resources that we’ve found to be helpful as we lead our families and kids in this season.

1. Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety Podcast
On this episode, Sissy Goff (Director of Child and Adolescent Counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries) shares tools for leaders helping kids process anxiety.

listen to podcast


2. Managing Fear & Anxiety in a Health Pandemic
This blog post helps families and parents learn to navigate and manage anxiety during times of criss, transition, need, or any other life disruption.

read the blog


3. Anxiety Conversation Guides
Helping your child with anxiety can be a big challenge. Download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help kids process, regardless of their age.

preschool guide

elementary guide

middle school guide

high school guide



Parent Cue App

This free mobile app gives parents and families weekly tips, content, and fun that’ll help you as you raise your kids to know, love, and serve Jesus for a lifetime.

We love that it connects back to our weekly Kids Church experience for families with kids, and it has amazing content for parents of teens too!

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