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April at Fellowship

April 4th, 2018

Hi Fellowship Family,

April is here!

I just wanted to pause for a second and say that Easter at Fellowship was amazing! Between our choir, Albert’s message, the special things happening for the kids, and all the people that made spiritual decisions, we are literally smiling from ear to ear and praising God for all that He did on Easter.

Additionally, we’re excited about what else is in store for this month at Fellowship.

First, this Sunday we start our all new series on Psalms. Each week of the series we’ll unpack a different Psalm and we’ll help give you the language to walk day by day with God and in your relationships with others. So starting this Sunday, you can pick up our all new Psalms book which contains 12 weeks of daily devotionals and our LifeGroup Experience at the LifeGroups tent for $12. For more information on this series, go to madeforfellowship.com/psalms.

Second, we’ve got baptisms coming up! Whether you just recently made a decision on Easter to follow Jesus or whether you’ve been following Him for a long time, we want you to take that next faithful step and publicly declare that you are a follower of Jesus Christ. If you’re interested in getting baptized, attend our baptism class this Sunday. We’ll meet at MHS at 10 am in the Teacher’s Lounge and at 11:30 am in the Conference Room at HDC. For more information, go to madeforfellowship.com/baptism.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning about all of the other exciting things happening this month in the life of our church, please check out our upcoming events.

Have a great month!

In Him,

Pastor Scott Hitzel