a safe space to explore life’s most important questions

Questions like “Why am I here? What is my purpose? How did I get here? Is there more to life than this?” Alpha is a series of interactive sessions over a period of 8 weeks that cover the basics of the Christian faith. This is the perfect judgment-free place to ask honest questions about life, faith, and God.

Begins February 21
Tuesdays at 7p PST
Online and In-Person Options



what is alpha?

Our Alpha groups give you the space to share your thoughts, doubts, and questions about faith and God without pressure or judgment. Over a period of 8 weeks, we’ll cover the basics of the Christian faith in a small group setting where all questions are welcome.

who is alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone seeking answers about life or who has doubts about God or the Bible. From those who have grown up believing in God to those who don’t believe at all, if you have questions - Alpha is for you!

where does alpha take place?

Both in-person and online, our Alpha groups are a place to gather in community to enjoy great company and honest conversations.

how long does alpha run for?

Our Spring season takes place over 8 weeks, from April 19 - June 7. Each gathering averages around 75 minutes, with the exception of one session that will be about 2 hours.