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A Special Message from Pastor Albert

December 29th, 2019

Hey Fellowship Family,

As we come to the end of the year, I’m overwhelmed. I’ve spent a lot of time in reflection and when I think about our church and what we’ve accomplished together, my mind immediately goes to Thailand and the disruption that has been created to a system of darkness and evil through sex trafficking.

For eight years we’ve been in partnership with Bridges to the Nations in Thailand and we’ve been disrupting that system because people like you have gotten together and said, “not on our watch will we allow this to continue.” So thank you for your participation and support.

As we not only end the year, but a decade, I can’t think of a better story of how we are helping to unleash hope and compassion than what God has been doing through us and our partner in Thailand.

So as we close out this year, we don’t want to just meet the budget but beat the budget¬†so we can continue to unleash hope, compassion, and disrupt systems of darkness in Thailand and throughout the world. God wants us to do great things, but our vision can only move at the speed of your generosity.

So take this opportunity, your last opportunity of the year to make a tax deductible, charitable gift for 2019. Click here to give now.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Albert Tate